Asproudes is a grape variety that some could say it exists on the “twilight zone” of Greek viticulture. Actually, there is a chance that Asproudes (which is a plural, with «Asprouda» being the singular), might not be a variety but a group of varieties. Certain researchers claim that the name is used as an umbrella term for non identified white varieties, or sub-varieties, used to produce dry white wine.

Asproudes are usually planted together, harvested and vinified at the same time. They produce a wine with medium lemon colour, moderate aromatic intensity on the nose, showing apple and lemon notes, while it has medium alcohol and acidity on the broad palate. Asproudes are very occasionally vinified separately and/or turned into commercially available wines. The most well known presence of Asproudes is in PDO Mantinia, in the heart of Peloponnese, close to Tripoli. The appellation rules allow the addition of about 15-20% of Asproudes, to add a bit of body and weight to the very elegant Moschofilero (well-known from Moschofilero-Mantinia) which makes the majority of the blend.

Exploring the aromas and tastes of Asproudes is a task worth undertaking, by visiting the stunning vineyards and surroundings of central Peloponnese. Wines dominated by Asproudes are usually soft and very easy to drink. They are perfect to enjoy chilled with a large variety of small appetizers. However, they do not age gracefully and have to be consumed within the first two years of their life, when they are still fresh and vibrant.