Vertzami is a rare red grape variety of western Greece, with a breathtaking intensity of aromas and flavours and a most individual character. In terms of plantings, Vertzami is almost insignificant. However, in terms of quality potential, it is a rising star and therefore, a highly sought after grape. It produces dry red wines, most of which are aged in oak.

Vertzami is a grape blessed with an extremely deep colour, able to produce almost black wines after just a few days of maceration. On the explosive nose it has a highly particular profile: perfumed notes of eucalyptus and cedar, underlined by black fruit and, in most cases, oak nuances. The palate is dominated by a high level of fine grained tannins, high acidity but, surprisingly, alcohol and body are only moderate. Vertzami is mainly found on the Ionian Island of Lefkada, but can also be occasionally found in the western parts of Peloponnese, Central Greece and even up to Epirus. Because of the limited plantations, some wine producers blend Vertzami with Mavrodaphne or international varieties.

Vertzami is a red grape producing wine almost unlike any mainstream red grape variety, for true wine lovers that understand the beauty of matching medium bodied, tannic reds with top grade meats. Most producers release their Vertzami when it is ready to be consumed, but the vast majority of vintages taste quite youthful, even a decade after the harvest. Clearly a wine to reward those with patience and love for aged reds.